Waxing for Hos

Waxing for Ho’s

  • Hairy Chapman [Lip Wax] $10
  • Hairy Garcia [Chin Wax] $15
  • Take it Back to the Old School [Basic Bikini Wax] $45
  • Hairway To Heaven [Bikini Wax] $60
  • The Lunch “Box” [Full Brazilian Wax] $65
  • Oops I Did It Again [Pregnancy Brazilian] $70
  • Crack The RippER [Ass Wax] $55
  • “She’s Got Legs” Full [Full Leg Wax] $85
  • “She’s Got Legs”  Half [Half Leg Wax] $60
  • Smooth Operator [Stomach Wax] $30
  • The Pitt Stop [Underarm Wax] $30
  • The Right to Bare Arms [Arm Wax] $45
  • Footloose [Foot Wax] $20
  • Brass Knuckles [Hand Wax] $20
  • HoneyMoon Package 1 [includes: Underarms, Brazilian, Full Leg] $165
  • HoneyMoon Package 2 [includes: Underarms, Brazilian, Half Leg] $140

! Lets get this party started !

We offer private waxing parties with 5 or more of your friends?  When you book 5 or more people for a private waxing party, each Brazilian will only cost $55 per person, AND you will receive 10% off any additional waxing or makeup service you get during the party!  For these events only –you control the music… I hope my decor sways your decision 😉

Waxing Aftercare Instructions

  • Avoid sun exposure, deodorant, super hot showers, chlorinated pools, solarium, spas and saunas for 48 hours.
  • Stay away from strenuous work-outs for 24-hours after your appointment – we all know you’re a freak in the sheets (that’s probably why you’re here =) ) but be sure to shower after you get down and dirty.
  • Exfoliate 3 times a week with organic cane sugar, baking soda, coffee grounds or shower gloves in the shower.
  • Apply witch hazel with a cotton ball after exfoliation.
  • Do not shave or tweeze between waxing.
  • DO NOT use scented powders or lotions on the bikini area after waxing.
  • Do not use bar soap. This will only increase your risk of irritation and ingrown hairs.