Here’s what people are sayin’ –

Hands down, the rockin rollin-est place in the B-lo to get your hair ripped out!

Shianne has created a space that you’ll feel so cool hanging out in, you’ll never want to leave. Fresh and totally modern-hip, Shianne’s studio is full of light and brimming with good vibes (and great tunes — different large screen tvs with different live music in each room, wha??).  There is a full service menu for both men and women, including waxing parties for groups, prices are very reasonable and the quality of service is outstanding.  You’re sure to walk out the door feeling like a total rock star, especially after being treated like one by Shi and her crew.

Seriously, I won’t let anyone else touch my brows, she’s like the Brow Whisperer…

~Kristin T, Yelp

I just got home and almost wrecked many times while I admired my beautiful eyebrows in the rearview mirror! Love it! Thanks Shianne ♡
~Jen H, Facebook

If you need your brows done, there is NO PLACE ELSE you should be going.   She isn’t kidding with her whole Shi-brow Whisperer thing.   She makes your brows looks perfect EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.   I’m a dude so it’s a fine line between not looking like a caveman and not looking like I’m cruising for other dudes (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  I actually see a lot of guys in there getting waxed which is cool.    Call Shi – you won’t regret it!
~Shawn D, Yelp

Best brows in Buffalo…and fastest waxer in the West. You’ll be missing out if you get waxed elsewhere.
~Liz K, Yelp

I have known Shi for 14 years. She has always delivered phenomenal service. She’s honest, reliable and professional. I have never been disappointed and you will not be either.
~Katherine M, Facebook

Shi is simply the best. Never fails to make me feel beautiful!
~Anya S, Facebook

Shianne is fabulous! I visited the studio for a brazilian today and received probably the best wax I’ve ever had. Shianne is warm and welcoming, and immediately put me at ease. She is thorough, and completes the job as quickly and painlessly as possible. Although her new space is not “officially” open, with a rocker vibe and perfect Allentown location, it easily stands apart from other hair-removing studios. Highly recommended!
~CM., Yelp

Best brow wax in Buffalo by far. There’s a reason I still fly home to Buffalo from Seattle and it’s not just to see my family–it’s to get my brows done by Shianne. She lets you know what she’s doing as she goes, double-checks with you before any big changes, and creates perfect brows every. single. time. I’ve tried other places in DC, Seattle, and Buffalo and no one ever comes close to Shianne. Bonus? Her studio is as unique and welcoming as she is.
~Amanda O, Yelp

OMG.  I AM SO HAPPY!!!   Shianne was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable.  She was quick and it was virtually painless!!  Thank you!!!  I’ve found my place!!!  YEA
and WEPA!!!!  Thank you Shianne!!
~Iris B, Yelp

Did an amazing job with the make-up for my wedding and is an absolute genius with waxing!
~Candice C, Facebook

Awesome girl, awesome “brow master” and will always find a way to fit you in when your desperate! Waxing is quick and easy with her!!
~Vaughn S, Facebook

Shi is the best!! I guarantee you’ll never regret a trip there!!
~Terri B, Facebook

Shianne is truly the waxing goddess extraordinaire.  The blessedly short time I spent with her (really, your wax should be quick quick) was a delight and got the job d.o.n.e.
~Kelly T, Yelp

She’s the best in town!
~Cara M, Facebook

Regarding Shianne, waxing goddess, She is funny and makes the …. uncomfortable moments blunt and hilarious. She also knows what she’s doing, so it’s relatively quick and painless.
~Rebecca D, Yelp

Shi always does a great job with my make- up!!
~Emily F, Facebook

…waxing services by Shianne who is very speedy, efficient and funny to boot. She makes you feel at ease and as pain-free as possible!
~Abigail P, Yelp

She is THEE brow whisperer…
~Christina A, Facebook

Well, basically she’s a miracle worker. You won’t be disappointed.
~Andrea S, Facebook